2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. For us as the founders of Finc3 it also has been a very special year, as we were glad and honored to welcome new partners.

One of our company values at Finc3 is “We offer an environment for entrepreneurial spirit and projects”.

This can be the option to start your own projects, prototype them and if they are successful, spin them off into a new company as a part if the Finc3 group (this, for example, is the way we launched Finc3 Commerce with our co-founder Sven or BizMut Marketing with Niall).

Another way to become part of the entrepreneurial story is to become part of the Finc3 partner circle, that we launched in 2020 and where we offer selected employees to become shareholders in the Finc3 Marketing Group. This is an option that we offer to colleagues that have joined us for several years and that have the sole responsibility for a business unit or larger team. The idea behind this partner model is to let them long-term participate in the growth and development of the group.

We are more than happy that Tanja, Anne, Janine, Anna and Daniel have become partners of ours in this year. And we are looking forward to hopefully many more partners that we can grow Finc3 together with.