The company is making its e-commerce marketing more targeted. Bosch uses the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and is developing its own attribution model with Finc3 Commerce.

[Article originally published in Versandhausberater on 27.12.2022]

Bosch wants to make its e-commerce marketing for the Power Tools division even more efficient and is therefore investing in data-driven control. Together with its regular agency Finc3 Commerce, the Stuttgart-based company will develop its own attribution model based on data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud. “E-commerce marketing is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for us because it addresses customers with a concrete desire to buy,” comments Fiona Liebehenz, Vice President International Key Account eCommerce at Bosch Power Tools. “We will invest in data-driven control here to be able to use the mechanisms even better for us and our customers.”

Bosch Power Tools uses the Amazon Marketing Cloud as its data basis. In this online environment, advertisers can perform analyses on multiple, pseudonymised data sets to create aggregated reports. Together with its agency partner Finc3 Commerce, Bosch Power Tools will combine this data with the extensive data collected in the past years as part of the collaboration. On this basis, a precisely fitting attribution model will be created – in other words, it will be determined how relevant an advertising measure along the customer journey actually is for the purchase.

“We want to enable Bosch Power Tools to plan their advertising investments on Amazon in an even more informed way,” comments Tim Nedden, founder and CEO of the Finc3 Commerce agency. “With the help of our analysis of data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud, media budgets can be focused precisely on advertising measures with relevant impact, so that media efficiency increases.”

Finc3 Commerce supports Bosch Power Tools and other business units on marketplaces such as Amazon, Manomano and in a total of 15 countries. The e-commerce agency not only manages advertising campaigns and works on business intelligence, but also advises on strategic development and creates optimised content for product and brand pages.