1. Work with the best

At Finc3 you work with true experts in their field. Your colleagues will be thought leaders in digital business, shaping the future of their industryWe offer various possibilities that allow you to never stop learning: starting with our own e-learning platform through to the Finc3 school or access to industry events like OMR and others. We do our best to enable you to do your best.

2. Be part of a global team

At Finc3 you can work in an truly international environment. Our more than 60 colleagues come from more than 15 countries and speak more than ten languages. We have clients from almost all continents in the world and our company language is English.

3. Flexible working conditions

At Finc3 we offer the highest flexibility in creating your work environment. May it be home office, remote work or flexible working hours.In the past colleagues have been working from South Africa (and on the weekend went kite surfing) , Israel (living there) or the vineyards of the Rheingau (because they love wine and in their free time helped harvesting the grapes).

And to show you that we are serious about it we rent a Finca on Mallorca in the summer that works as our sunshine office and allows you to work from there. Not kidding.

4. Respect and excellence define our client relationships

At Finc3 we push our clients to excellence. They do not push us. What does that mean? We always want to be ahead of the wave and show our clients what strategic problems they will be facing in the future, even if they do not know them yet.

We surprise them with the excellent output of our work and them to bring the same quality to our joint projects. We do not accept clients that do not meet our team members at eye level.

5. We offer entrepreneurial opportunities

At Finc3 you can participate in entrepreneurial success. We offer individual bonus systems that reflect the impact of your work on the company success. We also offer an environment for entrepreneurial spirit and projects. If you come up with an idea for a new business field and we test it successfully, let’s build a company out of it together.

6. Your colleagues love their work

In our recent employee survey our team members said, that with a likelihood of 9,4 (out of 10) they would recommend Finc3 as an employer to a friend. For everyone who does so and helps us to hire a new talent for Finc3 we offer attractive referral fees.

7. At Finc3 you can work with high-end tools and technology

We know that the right hardware and the right tools are the Ninja weapons you need to do your best at work.We want to ensure that you can focus on awesome work and are not being slowed down by outdated software or old-fashioned devices

8. At Finc3 we want to make sure that you can have fun at work

Several times a year we organize bigger social events for the whole team. And every month there is a dedicated budget that the team can use to organize team events on their own and do what they like.

And once a year we all together travel to a nice place somewhere in or around Germany, where we not only work together but make sure that we have a lot of fun (and maybe the one or the other Gin and Tonic together).

9. The nice little things on top

At Finc3 we offer various employee perks. We give away food coupons to subsidize your lunch (But of course not printed coupons. We have a cool digital solution in place for it.). You can have a company phone. And for foreign colleagues we support German language trainings.

10. We support your social commitment

If you support a social cause and work for a charity you can receive additional vacation days. And if you donate for charity of your choice, we will support that specific good cause as well.