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Who are we?

Finc3 is an international online marketing group headquartered in Hamburg. Our team of over 150 digital, e-commerce and online marketing experts from over 20 countries has been hard at work developing digital business models and supporting national and international companies in building and expanding their online business. Our group is made up of three business units: Finc3 Marketing Services, Finc3 Commerce and Bizmut.


Our understanding of the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing comes from our experiences of building our own businesses, not from theory. We provide strategic consulting services for media, finance and retail groups of various sizes. If you are a medium-sized company, we are here to support you in developing and professionalizing your online business. For larger international corporations, we make it possible to scale your e-commerce business faster and more efficiently. 


What can we do for you?

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    Finc3 Commerce: E-Commerce Consulting

    Since Amazon is the most relevant e-commerce platform worldwide, professional management is non-negotiable for success on the platform. With our extensive expertise and efficient methods, our Finc3 Commerce agency will find the missing links needed to take your Amazon vendor or seller business to the next level.


    However, our services don’t stop there: we can also support you with other major e-commerce marketplaces, such as Ebay and Alibaba, as well as automation and management of digital storefronts such as Shopify. Plus, we offer state-of-the-art analytics and business intelligence applications. 

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    Our know-how will help you reach target audiences on digital channels with maximum efficiency. We ensure that the right message is delivered efficiently to the decision makers in your target group at a time when they are ready to engage with your products or services. Whether it’s lead generation or direct online sales: our special unit BizMut will help you expand your B2B sales by developing comprehensive marketing campaigns.

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    Through highly customized CRM, Finc3 Marketing Services help clients optimize their existing customer marketing and generate more revenue from existing customers. Our approach is “high-end CRM with low-cost tools.” We believe that success is not dependent on the most expensive technology, but rather the smartest approach and the best possible combination of message, data and technology.

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