Get started with our updated interface

Introducing your new Finc3 reports

We are excited to be able to share our redesigned interface with you. Our intuitive new layout includes many added features that make it easier to understand and analyze your data. The videos below will introduce you to the most important aspects of our redesign and show you how to get the most out of it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Navigating within each report module
  3. Navigating between report modules
  4. Comparing time frames
  5. Customizing your data




1. Introduction

Let’s get started! To kick off the walkthrough, Benjamin will introduce our redesigned tool.





2. Navigating within each module

We have introduced a navigation pane in the sidebar so you can easily move between different topics in each module. Once you have selected a topic, you can navigate between the relevant subtopics at the top of the screen.





3. Navigating between modules

Using the sidebar, you can also select various reports (such as sponsored ads or brand analytics) and click a button to open the report in a new window.





4. Comparing time frames

It is now possible to compare data from two years, two months, or from two custom time frames. You can also select the kinds of data you want to observe.





5. Customizing your data

With our redesign, you can easily choose the KPIs and time period you would like to have visible for each report type. With this more flexible display, your reports will no longer be crowded with irrelevant data.




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