Unser Ziel bei Finc3: mehr sein als nur ein normaler Arbeitsplatz.
Wir wollen vielmehr ein Umfeld bieten, das die besten Talente und Experten im digitalen Marketing anzieht und ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, jeden Tag zu wachsen und mit einem Höchstmaß an persönlicher und unternehmerischer Freiheit zu arbeiten.

Unser Anspruch: Wir wollen Qualitätsführer und die besten Experten in unserem Feld sein und als solche von unseren Kunden gesehen und behandelt werden. Wir verstehen uns nicht als die nächstbeste Online Marketing Agentur sondern als Sparringspartner auf Augenhöhe.

Dieses Selbstverständnis spiegelt sich in unseren Firmenwerten wider, die wir gemeinsam mit dem ganzen Team entwickelt haben. (Als internationale Firme haben wir sie natürlich in unserer Firmensprache Englisch verfasst.)

New risk – new fun

  • We embrace new risks to have new fun.
  • Innovation & improvement are closely related to permanent change.
  • We offer an environment for entrepreneurial spirit and projects.

Make smart mistakes

  • If we make a mistake we do not hide it. We explain how it happended and what we have changed to ensure, that it will not happen again. Also to the client.

You will never work alone

  • Everyone should be happy to share his knowledge & learnings proactively.
  • We have an environment for learning and teaching each other.
  • We know what our neighbour does.
  • We document our work so everybody can take over in minutes.

We are Pros, not Cons

  • We keep up to date with state of the art technology.
  • We read the manual.
  • If we commit to a tool we strive to understand it better than anybody else but the creators.
  • We strive to be thought leaders in our services. Globally.
  • We solve problems our clients do not yet know they have.
  • We push our clients to excellence. They do not push us.
  • Reliability is one of the best quality KPIs.

Feel the difference

  • We offer the highest possible flexibility concerning 6me and place of work.
  • We give trust and responsibility.
  • We have clear transparency in roles and responsibili6es.

We are up to data

  • We show transparency of the company progress.
  • We know that only what gets measured gets done.

Feel Spaß

  • For team events we do our best to join.
  • Having fun is never a punishable action.
  • Stay awesome.

We make our moms proud

  • We pitch in! Everyone feels responsible to keep the office clean.
  • We are the first company with a clean kitchen.
  • When we leave a conference room, it is clean.

Watch the watches

  • Every meeting has an agenda. If not, it is lunch or dinner.
  • We respect your colleagues‘ time and stick to deadlines.
  • Clients and colleagues can rely that we always deliver great work within the agreed timing.

Expect to be respected

  • We refrain from working for clients that do not share our values.
  • We only say about each other what we would say to each other directly.