Generate leads via Xing

Xing has more than 16 million members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making it the leading business network in the DACH region. Originally started as a career portal, Xing has developed into an important advertising platform that should be included in any DACH-focussed B2B marketing mix.

With Xing Advertising, B2B advertisers can:

  • Generate high-quality leads
  • A guide leads through the sales funnel with relevant marketing at the right time
  • Implement complex account-based marketing strategies
  • Execute hyper-specific ad targeting to highly specific target groups
  • Use Event Pages for lead generation … and much more

Business Platform Challenges

Xing offers excellent B2B targeting possibilities but demands high media prices as a consequence. This means that every click should come from a high-quality profile that exactly matches your target group with the best chances of converting. But how do you identify the right targeting settings? Which ad types suit your marketing goals and how do you effectively implement account-based marketing on Xing?

Poor decisions can be expensive here. With the right measures, however, you can achieve an excellent return on advertising spend (ROAS). BizMut is an official advertising partner of XING. We make sure that the right message is efficiently delivered to the decision makers in your target group.

Did you know that …

… Xing offers numerous special features for advertisers? For example, events of all kinds can be advertised very well via Event Pages. But that’s not all: Event owners can learn which Xing users have visited the event page, identifying which companies have relevant interest for their products and services.

Get in touch: As one of the first four official Xing Marketing Partners, we can share all the tips and tricks that Xing offers advertisers.

With BizMut, your Xing advertising becomes a success story. We offer these services:

  • Researching relevant target groups for you on Xing
  • Direct response or gated content? Evaluating which B2B Lead Generation strategies are right for your goals
  • Helping generate leads via Event Pages
  • Creating, testing and optimizing ad copy and creative techniques on Xing
  • Ad format testing – lead ads, event ads, display ads, text ads, video ads, as well as sponsored post or sponsored mailing
  • Guiding your prospects through the long B2B purchase decision process – from initial contact to sale – with relevant, customized ad messaging
  • Planning content formats and mapping them to different stages of the buying cycle
  • Presales consulting and data-based prioritization of prospects for sales
  • Auditing of pre-existing Xing media campaigns and development of prioritized testing backlogs to improve results

As an official Xing Marketing Partner, we enable you to take full advantage of all the advertising possibilities of this business platform. Please contact us.