Reach B2B decision makers in research mode

Is your company creating business software? If so, it needs to be on comparison portals like Capterra, GetApp, G2 Crowd, SoftwareAdvice, FinancesOnline, Fitsmallbusiness and others. These platforms are where SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions are categorized, listed and evaluated. They are the go-to places for B2B decision makers to review, compare and choose the software to solve their pain points. We help you to make these B2B executives aware of your SaaS tool.

Trust in our portal know-how!

Many companies are familiar with these portals but do not have a deep enough knowledge of how they work. This is not surprising, as all platforms have different business models. While some comparison portals allow advertising on a CPC basis, others monetize through premium placement, others require an annual subscription. From years of experience, our platform specialists know how each platform ticks and what riteria the operators use to rank their listings. Profit from our expertise! We ensure that your solution stands out from the crowd.

We offer you these services:

  •  Researching the most important, industry-specific comparison platforms on which you should be present with your Saas solutions
  • Advice on what content needs to be created in order to achieve specific acquisition targets
  • Platform-specific consulting – from the advertising possibilities to the ranking logic and the categorization
  • Organic ranking optimization
  • Development of additional high-end reporting systems to ensure transparency of measures and efficient use of media budgets
  • Screening the market for new comparison platforms in order to give you an advantage over your competitors through early presence.

Reach B2B decision-makers when they are researching solutions using SaaS comparison platforms!