Quora is now the world’s largest portal where users go to look for answer to their questions and solutions to their problems. However, as an advertising platform Quora is often overlooked. For B2B companies, Quora offers the opportunity to reach company decision makers while they are researching show to solve for their business’ pain points – “How do I measure employee goals? Which platforms can help me with digital transformation? Is there an alternative to my ERP software?”. While Google search volume for B2B solutions is often low, with Quora you can drive high volumes of engaged users, ready to make a purchasing decision.

Engage with B2B decision makers on Quora

On Quora you reach B2B decision makers who have a concrete problem to solve. Your company can position itself there as a solution provider using precisely targeted and relevant ads. We support you with these measures by:

  •  Setting up campaigns with which you can address B2B decision makers
  •  Advice on which content to use to position yourself as a thought leader and problem solver in your field
  •  Setting up targeting based on the questions viewed and specific interests of the users
  •  Providing strategies to create profiles and content on Quora to bring organic traffic to your website
  •  Developing measurement plans to understand the impact of ad campaigns on your business growth

Get on Quora and reach B2B decision makers who are looking for your solutions!