Reach precise B2B target groups with Programmatic Display

Over 70 percent of all online display ads are delivered programmatically. Why? Because in the last years Programmatic Display tools have allowed ads space to be bought and managed easily and with excellent targeting options. This development can be used to accurately reach, engage with and nurture even the most specific of B2B target groups.

Guidance through the technology jungle

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), Data Management Platforms (DMP), Ad Exchanges, Brand Safety Tools, Ad Verification and much more: The interaction of programmatic technologies is complex and the acronyms confusing. We clear this technology jungle for you, identifying and implementing the solutions that are relevant for your marketing goals.

Programmatic display with a lean tool set

Instead of focusing display campaigns on a few expensive B2B industry websites we prioritize rolling out a programmatic approach which targets the interests and behaviours of users. Whether your B2B target group is large or small, we can ensure that you reach your users anywhere on the web with a streamlined toolkit.

Measuring success and evaluating touchpoints

How can the effectiveness of display campaigns be measured? How do they contribute to a branding effect? What contribution do different touchpoints have on the purchase decision? Our Programmatic experts ensure that your B2B marketing campaigns are measured accurately and that the results are interpreted correctly.

Our services in detail:

  • DSP campaign management
    Managing campaigns on DSPs like Google’s Doubleclick, AdRoll, Adform and others.
  • Measurement and attribution
    Helping to measure campaign results accurately and attribute actions between different channels correctly (e.g. consideration of brand influence, post-view attribution, multi-touch attribution etc.)
  • Reporting
    We integrate the data from these platforms into your internal reports

Reach your B2B target group anywhere on the web now: With Programmatic Display from Bizmut.