Relevant reach for B2B content with Paid Content Distribution

B2B companies invest a lot of time and money in creating relevant and useful content for their target groups. However, if nobody every sees this content then why bother creating it?

With Paid Content Distribution you can generate highly qualified traffic for your content via advertising platforms like Outbrain and Taboola. These networks place native-looking ads below editorial articles on high-quality publishers with one significant advantage – much lower media costs than via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co.

Turn your B2B content into a lead generation machine!

To profitably distribute B2B content through these channels we need to combine savvy content theme selection with high-end targeting and analytical techniques.

We offer you the following services:

  • Campaign Management
  • Content Consulting
  • Analytics Consulting

Professional campaign management for high-quality traffic

We implement a mix of advanced targeting techniques including lookalike targeting, micro-geo targeting and the use of 3rd party data.

More conversions through comprehensive content consulting

Our content experts can advise you on which content is most likely to drive results on these networks. The content format and theme should be selected to attract only relevant traffic and minimise low-quality clicks.

We also develop strategies for using these networks to build engaged retargeting lists that can be further nurtured to drive leads and sales in lower marketing funnel stages.

 B2B Analytics: Company level attribution

Paid content distribution can drive upper funnel engagement with your content from relevant companies. We ensure that we are able to identify which companies are engaging with that content using tools like SalesViewer or Leadfeeder. Importantly, we then use advanced analytics frameworks to attribute subsequent buying decisions by those companies back to the content and campaigns which contributed to those decisions.

Need to boost your content and understand how it is driving sales and revenue? Get in touch with us today!