LinkedIn targeting possibilities for B2B advertisers

If you want to generate international B2B leads, there is no way around LinkedIn: More than 610 million specialists and executives worldwide are members of the business network, of which more than 13 million users are registered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH region). The targeting possibilities on the platform are excellent, the profiles are very detailed and the advertising possibilities are manifold.

Generate, retain and nurture leads

With LinkedIn Ads you can generate high-quality B2B leads on LinkedIn. Using sophisticated account-based marketing strategies it is possible to create custom communication strategies for specific companies, steering buying decisions towards your own solutions.

We help you generate and maintain leads on LinkedIn, developing your leads through the buying funnel with appropriate content and targeted advertising campaigns.

Direct response strategy or gated content approach?

Many companies are uncertain whether they should rely on direct response or follow the gated content approach when it comes to B2B lead generation on LinkedIn. With a direct response strategy, users are pushed into funnels where they can either make direct contact with the sales team, e.g. through demo requests, or sign up directly to a tool. With gated-content, users can be offered access to premium content in exchange for submitting their contact details to the company. This helps brands get in touch with users who may not yet be ready to buy but are researching problems that the brand can solve. The brand can then follow up with additional information to help nurture the lead to a buying decision

As experienced B2B marketing specialists, the BizMut team will be happy to advise you on developing a marketing strategy for LinkedIn and assist you in its implementation.

Precision targeting

For B2B marketers the LinkedIn Ads targeting options are second to none. However, these targeting options come at a premium, with high media prices across all markets. It is essential to ensure that every ad click comes from a highly relevant and engaged profile with a high likelihood to convert.

We identify your target group on LinkedIn and determine the best targeting options to reach them with your message. We also work with you to develop an effective LinkedIn ad strategy and manage your campaigns, taking into account efficiency and conversion targets.

Selecting the right ad format

LinkedIn offers a wide range of ad formats for the B2B marketer that can be used to achieve a variety of B2B marketing objectives: from text and display ads, video ads and sponsored content to lead gen forms or sponsored InMails.

We select the appropriate ad formats, identify suitable content and use effective content and targeting techniques to achieve your goals. In addition, we take over the complete campaign management of all ad types on LinkedIn and advise you on account-based B2B marketing strategies.

CRM and Lead Management Integration

Our experienced LinkedIn specialists will show you how to integrate your LinkedIn campaigns into your CRM and lead management tools. In addition, we will train your internal staff so that you can later carry out these processes in-house. We will also advise you on how to use the LinkedIn demographic report functions correctly to deanonymise relevant interest in your products and services.

Transform your advertising activities into measurable marketing investments! Professionalise your LinkedIn Advertising with BizMut.