Use Google as a B2B channel

90% of all online search queries happening on Google, making it by some distance the world’s leading search engine. This is no different in the world of B2B, where key decision makers and purchasers from companies of all sizes regularly take to Google to inform themselves about their B2B buying decisions. It is, of course, important to be present at all stages of the buying cycle, from awareness to consideration to purchasing intent. However, we often see that search volume can be low for B2B products due to low awareness of the products or even the problems that they solve.

Scaling search traffic

With our B2B marketing expertise, we help our clients to scale their high-quality search traffic. Our approach to not only focus on the searchers who have already decided on what solution to apply to their business’s pain point. Rather, we expand the scope of the search keywords to ensure that our clients are visible to businesses who are still researching which solutions are available to solve their specific problems.

See full-funnel impact with offline conversions

Companies often have the problem of accurately measuring the ROI of search campaigns or for specific keyword sets because many transactions are initiated online but completed offline. Especially in the B2B sector, deeper-funnel conversions often takes place offline like at an on-site sales meeting. The prospect information is then entered manually into the lead management tool – there is no way to do this automatically online. This means that it is often difficult to see which deeper-funnel conversions have been initiated through what Google Ads campaigns and keywords.

We create concepts for B2B lead generation to ensure that we are able to see the full funnel when optimizing the campaigns, not just unqualified leads or sign-ups.

Generate high quality leads with search, display and video

Google Ads on the search results page are just one way to draw business customers’ attention to products and services. Display advertising on the Google Display Network and video advertising on YouTube are also very well suited for B2B campaigns, particularly when nurturing and educating leads. Google offers B2B advertisers comprehensive options for ad management, performance analysis and campaign optimization.

We advise you on how to efficiently use search, video and display ads on Google portals to generate high-quality leads. We also share our know-how with you so that you can optimally maintain and develop your leads in the Sales Funnel.

Make Google Ads a measurable investment in your B2B marketing activities. Please contact us.