Generate B2B leads with Facebook Advertising

Many marketers still incorrectly believe that Facebook is not a suitable channel for B2B advertising. We see time and again that this is simply not true. Even though there are fewer job-specific targeting options than on LinkedIn or Xing, Facebook Advertising offers unique opportunities to reach B2B target groups of all kinds.

BizMut helps you generate B2B leads with the Facebook ad platform, develop these leads and qualify them along the sales funnel.

Measurable B2B Advertising via Facebook Advertising

If you want to generate high quality leads on Facebook Advertising platform, you will need to clearly define your target group and define the most suitable ad formats. A direct response strategy can be useful for generating leads, as can a gated content approach in which a company can position itself as a thought leader in its field.

We specialize in designing and implementing lead generation campaigns of all kinds. We are happy to advise you on which strategy is suitable for your goals. Among other things, we analyse which B2B campaigns and tactics perform best on Facebook Advertising platform for your purposes, help you with target group segmentation and provide you with comprehensive advice to ensure that your Facebook Ads are optimally targeted to your target groups.

How BizMut supports your B2B Facebook Advertising

Our advertising specialists have detailed knowledge of all targeting options offered by Facebook Ads. As Meta Business Partner we can provide you with comprehensive advice on audience segmentation and addressing your customers specific pain points. Among other things, we can provide you with specific interest targeting tactics that allow you to address complex B2B target groups in a relevant way. We also advise you on best practices to use your customer lists in Facebook Ads as “seed lists” for your lookalike targeting.

In order to understand which campaigns achieve conversions in the lower sales funnel, we help you to transfer the lead information from the Facebook Ads into your CRM and lead management tools.

We share our knowledge and train your team members accordingly.