Which IP deanonymization tool is right for you?

Looking to turn your website visitors into leads, but not sure which tool to choose?

We’ve compared 3 of the top deanonymization tools available to B2B marketers (Salesviewer, Leedfeeder and Albacross), to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Why invest in a IP deanonymisation tool?

Who is visiting your website and what are they looking for? Most visits to websites do not end in the user inputting their contact details. Even if a user has spent a long time browsing your site, they may leave without trace and never return.

IP deanonymization tools are there to prevent this wasted potential. They identify anonymous website visitors, matching them to company IP addresses and to identifying information in your exisitng CRM databases. Then, they track their behaviour on your site, allowing you to understand not just which companies may be in the market for your products/services but what pain points they may be trying to solve. This provides a valuable pre-sales service, funneling relatively inexpensive, new, and semi-primed leads to your sales team.

IP deanonymization helps with campaign management giving valuable hints about who your online campaigns are reaching. It is especially powerful when combined with other tools. For example, you can cross-reference with your LinkedIn campaign targeting data to get feedback on your campaigns and identify the most relevant decision makers who have engaged with your ads, fine tuning your Account Based Marketing approach.

Which deanonymization tool is best for you?

If you are a B2B marketer without an effective traffic deanonymization system, the question you should be asking yourself is not whether to invest in a tool, but which one to go for. Here we compare 3 of the top services available: Salesviewer, Leedfeeder and Albacross.


Originally a Stokholm-based start up, Albacross has been trading since 2014. Today it claims over 10,000 users worldwide and has an impressive list of features relative to price.

Available as a plugin to WordPress and other CMS, Albacross tracks visits to your site and highlights those of interest to you. It has lots of filtering options that enable you to create detailed ‘ideal customer profiles’, against behaviour metrics such as duration, number and source of visits etc. Albacross also encourages users to create segments of customer types for further fine-tuning of the lead generation process.

Albacross provides rich information on the companies identified, along with lists of contacts within them. Integrations through Zapier allow you take this knowledge directly into your CRM and start getting into contact with your new leads. You can try Albacross for free with a 14-day trial.


The longest established of the three, Salesviewer has strong presence in Germany. It was founded in 2010 and boasts StepStone, Hartmann, Baumüller and Deutsche Messe amongst its clients.

Like the other two services reviewed on this page, it does have a trial version: free for 14 days. It also promises quick installation and one of the biggest lists of features and flexibilities. It has CRM integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier, and plugin versions to common CMS systems as well. It delivers an average of 197 potential customers per month for a site that has 1000 monthly visitors and – like Albacross – retains traffic data across 90 days of activity.

Salesviewer is also by far the most expensive of the three options and while its experience in the DACH market may be an advantage to German firms it is hard to see how the price difference to the other two – very similar offers – is justified.


An international startup headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Leadfeeder can be best viewed as the ‘lightest’ option of the three. It is the cheapest, the easiest to use, but also the one that offers the fewest leads and shortest data-retention period (keeps lead data for 30 days v. 90 for the other two).

The company claims over 30,000 users and highlights its user-friendly interface in much of its marketing. As a Leadfeeder user, you can quickly create custom filters that identify relevant traffic to your site and then get notified when companies matching that criteria interact with your site. Lists of relevant companies are then available with a log of their activity and a list of potential decision-makers within that organisation.

So the focus is on delivering a useful and easily implementable service rather than trying to incorporate every possible feature into the platform. Leadfeeder is set up for quick installation and has ready-to-go integrations with the major CRM systems on the market. You can try before you buy with a feature-limited trial version available.


All three tools are robust services that sit at the cutting edge of advances in Account Based Marketing. They all offer B2B marketers powerful insights and minimal acquisition costs for new leads and any one of them would be a powerful addition to your pre-sales process.

Overall, we feel that Albacross offers the best combination of features and price for large scale lead generation. Leadfeeder’s ‘less is more’ approach and focus on results will prove attractive for some. Salesviewer seems a little over-priced by comparison, and although it is a well-liked tool, it looks vulnerable to being undercut by its two Nordic rivals.