B2B gated content campaigns rely on the value of content offered. What could be more valuable to your target group than a bespoke report about them, with information tailored to their specific requirements? This is exactly what dynamic scorecards, tests and questionnaires offer.

What are dynamic scorecards?

Much more than just lead generation forms, scorecards do something with the information provided by the user and present findings and insights from that information. Depending on the answers given, a unique report is generated for the user. It might be a calculation algorithm (say for your carbon footprint), it might be a profile of their personality or organisation, it might be a score of your presence online (SEO for example), it might be a recommendation of some kind. The ‘report’ offered at the end of the process is just like a standard piece of gated content, only much more valuable to your target group because it is personalised.

Some examples of dynamic scorecards

The small business loan calculator from funding circle – As a small business owner you want to know how much you can borrow and at what interest rate. Funding Circle’s calculator provides this information, but you will only get your personal financing report once you have entered personal data and your contact information.

Unbounce’s SEO page analyser – Look at this landing page from Unbounce. The offer to get a personalised landing page report is an attractive one. To get it you need to enter your contact details and details about your company and role.

WordStream’s Facebook ad’s performance grader – It’s the same principle with this analysis offer from WordStream. Get your Facebook ads assessed in exchange for contact details.

Outgrow’s content suggestions generator – This landing page sends you straight into a Typeform-style questionnaire. The questions are both necessary to generate the information you require, and useful to Outgrow. To complete the form and get your results, you need to share your company url and your email.

The advantages of using dynamic scorecards

Dynamic scorecards are like gated content ‘MAX’. They have the advantages of gated content, but are even more attractive and valuable to your target audience and offer you the chance to get even more information about your leads, by return. The prospect of personalised insights is a powerful piece of bait to attract traffic to your site, and the benefits you receive in return are extremely valuable:

  1. Rich information: Dynamic scorecards tend to elicit a lot more information from users than ‘normal’ gated content campaigns would dare to ask for. As the user is excited about receiving their personalised report and understands that the information they are giving contributes directly to this, they are much more willing to part with detailed data.
  2. Buy in: The more time the user is taking to complete their questionnaire, the more they are committing to you. A good questionnaire should not just be about asking questions, it should get users excited about the answers. This will ensure they stick with the process and commit to completing your questions, and to then eagerly awaiting the results.
  3. Qualified: By the same token, your questionnaire will filter out those for whom your product is not relevant. Then your pre-sales team will be able to rate the value of resulting leads based on all the answers given, as well as how far through the questionnaire the user got.
  4. High value to your target group: If you can promise and produce a piece of valuable content for your target group you have gone a long way to winning their hearts and minds for your brand. The best dynamic content becomes a go-to trusted tool for your industry.
  5. Warmed up for the sale: Your dynamic scorecard/questionnaire leads the user through awareness stages and towards the sale. They have engaged with your brand, they have committed time and information to your tool and are now willing to be persuaded by the results. Their personal report will be highly valuable for them and point them towards a solution you offer.

What sort of content can you offer as a dynamic scorecard?

Think about which part of your content offer you could easily turn into a dynamic scorecard. Can you find a bespoke piece of information to offer your users that is relevant to their purchasing intent?

If you want to know more about dynamic scorecards, then get in touch with us. Our team of experts can show you how best to build and use dynamic scorecards.