When B2B marketers set up new campaigns, they go to great lengths to make sure that tracking is in place and robust data is collected. This data is vital to ensure that campaigns can be properly assessed, maintained, and optimised. However, collecting the data is only the first step. Just as important is aggregating that data and presenting it meaningfully, at suitable levels of granulation. This is where Power BI dashboards come in.

Microsoft’s Power BI is our ‘go-to’ choice for creating B2B marketing dashboards. We believe it is the most effective platform for pulling in multiple sources of data and then displaying them in a readable and flexible manner. Power BI can pull data from, amongst others, various marketing channels (Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), from Google Analytics or other web analytics tools, and from your CRM system. It then displays up-to-date KPIs relevant to your campaign monitoring needs.

bizmut PBI  dashboard example
PBI dashboard

Creating bespoke dashboards for your various reporting needs

Dashboards are effective tools not just for monitoring your online performance, but also to showcase that performance internally, highlighting the contribution of digital marketing within a B2B sales funnel and providing valuable information for other teams. Ideally, your sales team will have their activities represented on the dashboard too, so that the whole funnel is visible, end to end.

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Always keep the audience in mind as you design your dashboard views. Different teams and stakeholders are interested in different things and have varying levels of time to dive deeper into performance. Your operational team will want much more detail than your management board, for example. Create different views for each purpose but keep in mind that a cluttered dashboard may mean the important stuff is overlooked. Power BI allows for great flexibility when creating dashboard views using the same data sets, so there is no excuse for not tailoring your reports to your various audiences.

bizmut PBI activated layer report view
PBI activated layer report view

Addressing the B2B monitoring challenge

Typically, B2B marketing has a much more complex route to conversion than B2C. Attributing touchpoints in a digital B2C campaign is hard enough. Add in the complexities of multiple users from one company, the contribution of offline activities, and long timelines between campaign launch and conversion, and – potentially – you have a very complex picture to unpick.

All this means that choosing the right KPIs and displaying them effectively is even more important in a B2B context. Well-built B2B marketing dashboards should facilitate insights across multiple channels, providing the right level of detail, but also a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

How to build flexible reports in Power BI

Power BI is not just about effective data display, it is also a powerful tool for data aggregation and manipulation. When pulling data into Power BI and developing your report, the best practice is to source data on as small a granularity as possible. For example, down to individual keyword/ad level for a paid campaign. With all this data sitting behind your dashboard, Power BI makes it easy to drill down and investigate any issues. So, not only can you get an overview of the complete customer journey and see which levels of the funnel are performing better, you can also find out more when you suspect performance is lacking in a certain area.

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Get it right and your B2B dashboard within Power BI will become a core resource for your team, helping them – amongst many other things – to:

  • Cross-filter multiple dimensions, such as: Target audience, Country, Optimization type, Device, etc.
  • Visualize data in advanced visuals, charts and tables
  • Compare performance development among channels
  • Compare recent performance with historical data.
bizmut PBI filter example
PBI filter example

Get the experts to build your B2B dashboard

At BizMut we offer a complete solution – frontend and backend – for building your bespoke B2B dashboard. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the process: sourcing data through various connectors, loading and transforming it in queries, and displaying that data in tried and tested templates. We have developed an optimised framework to build these reports quickly and cost-efficiently. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to B2B campaign reporting, then why not reach out to our team here.