At BizMut we listen to our clients. As well as collecting continuous, structured performance feedback throughout our cooperation with every partner, we also like to conduct a twice-yearly survey on how we are doing against our clients’ expectations. We asked our clients to rate their satisfaction levels on a few key elements of our service, with 10 being most satisfied and 1 the least. Below you can find the results as well as a short explanation of how we operate to keep our high standards of client satisfaction year after year.

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with the service provided by BizMut  in the last 6 months?

It is our objective with all our clients to feel like their “inhouse marketing team in a box”. We sit down with each of them at the start of our cooperation to define target groups, messages, funnels, channel mix and measurement plan. Only then do we map out the long term path to success. 
We also consult on a range of B2B specific topics around the marketing rollout – measurement technology, lead research and management, content development – as well as providing comprehensive competitive analysis and UX and landing page support
We prioritize understanding the clients vertical and business model and, based on many years of experience in the B2B sector, can provide input on multiple areas of their business – from marketing to product to positioning.

How satisfied are you with the level of knowledge of the BizMut colleagues with whom you are working?

We are very proud to have hired and developed a team at BizMut that are all not only high-end performance marketing specialists but also deeply knowledgeable on the specific challenges faced by B2B companies when it comes to marketing and measurement. Additionally, we make sure that all our employees have a specific individualized professional development plan based on their unique strengths. This allows us to build up B2B subject matter experts across the team in areas like Content Consulting, Lead Research, Sales Processes, Landing Page Optimization, Marketing Automation, Attribution and Reporting
Knowledge is disseminated across the team through regular internal trainings and workshops as well as detailed documentation of how we approach and solve our clients’ challenges on an internal Wiki. 

How satisfied are you with the communication of project results and next steps from the BizMut colleague with whom you are working?

It is our objective to make everything we are doing entirely transparent for our clients. This allows us to quickly iterate and scale our projects in tight cooperation with our clients’ in-house team. It also makes sure they are prepared to handle these topics internally once they have the resources to do so. 
To do this we make sure that we have document and visualize the planned marketing framework with our clients at the start of the cooperation as well as setting the rollout plan on when and how we will get there. Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and meetings keep us aligned on progress and allow us to make quick decisions on where we need to scale successful actions or pivot tactics. 
Finally, we try to keep as much communication off email and plan all our activities and tasks inside a high-end project management tool. Internally, we use Asana for this but are happy to adapt to whatever tech-stack suits our clients’ needs. 

How satisfied are you with the reporting dashboards created for you by BizMut?

One of our company values – “We are up to data” – tells us “only what gets measured gets done”. We strive to bring this to life in every client project we work on by insisting from the very first planning workshop on defining a detailed success measurement plan for all marketing activities. We then give recommendations on what unique tech-stack the client will need to realize their measurement plans. 
After we launch our cooperation, we offer the possibility to pull data together from a huge range of platforms into a single, bespoke dashboard in Microsoft Power BI. We do this either using built-in data connections or by building custom connectors. This allows us to map cost data from marketing campaigns precisely to deep-funnel conversion points pulled from clients CRM and Lead Management systems, allowing us to map the entire B2B sales funnel and calculate ROI instead of depending on high and mid funnel metrics like reach, clicks, CPC or CPL. 

How satisfied are you with the results of the projects you have worked together on with BizMut?

Thanks to the high-end measurement and reporting systems we implement for all our clients (see above), we are able to get full transparency on clients funnels – from Ad Impressions to Qualified Leads to Revenue. This allows us to see which channels, funnels and tactics deliver on our client’s marketing goals and which don’t. We then continually steer marketing budget and human effort into what works and away from what doesn’t.  
From the outset, we maintain a detailed and prioritized testing backlog with all clients and map out what learnings we want to gather in the short and long term. Rigorous testing across ad copy, creative, landing page and target group help us identify potential and maximize media efficiency. 
These day-to-day operations are complemented by regular strategic alignments between our managing directors and the clients, making sure that short term initiatives are steered towards the long term project goals.

How satisfied are you with BizMut’s pro-activity in suggesting new opportunities for you to grow your business?

The world of performance marketing is complex and dynamic, for B2B companies even more so than others. Our subject matter and channel experts are driven to stay on top of the latest trends and understand how they can apply them to our projects. After all, another of our company values – “We are Pros, no Cons” – insists that we “keep up to date with state of the art technology” and help “solve problems our clients do not know they have yet”. 
Our prioritized testing backlogs (see above) are updated every week with new ideas and techniques to help reach our client’s goals. We also regularly test the robustness of our clients’ measurement structures, ensuring we can depend on the data to make marketing decisions. 

How likely would you be to recommend  BizMut’s services to someone you know?​ 

This is our favorite question. It is also the one that we are most proud to see each year getting one of the highest ratings. There is no better compliment to our work than when a client recommends us to a colleague or business acquaintance. 
As a company that has so far grown its client base entirely on word-of-mouth, the continuous referral of our services from one client to the next has been absolutely pivotal in our growth story. We look forward to every new introduction and new challenge in the world of B2B performance marketing.