Marketing activities for B2C and B2B companies differ, that’s for sure. But how exactly? Our co-founder, Björn Sjut discussed the burning questions of B2B performance marketing with Philipp Werner, CMO at Project A.

While listening this podcast, you will find out answers to these questions:

What are the essential components for a successful B2B marketing mix and why should founders consciously decide to either scale their media budget or their investment in lead research?

Which channels are particularly promising for B2B marketing and does LinkedIn actually work?

How can online B2B marketing performance be measured reliably, since attribution is much more difficult than in B2C?

What does a functional marketing tech stack look like?

How will the tool landscape develop overtime?

And last but not least, what position does a strong B2B marketing team consist of?

We hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did!

Project A | The Operational VC · B2B Marketing: Finding the right marketing-mix, tool stack & team – with Björn Sjut | PAP#058