If a relevant professional makes it to your landing page, they must not leave without understanding your offer. In a glance, they should know what your offer is, understand that it is relevant to them and that they need to include you in their search for a solution. To make sure that they do, Bizmut has developed some core questions for everyone creating a new B2B landing page. A checklist that helps to ensure you don’t overlook the important things, or assume too much about what a visitor to your page might already know.

Even when your landing page is going to be used for pre-qualified traffic, it should still be able to illustrate the core points of your product/offer in just a glance. Bearing this in mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself as a commissioner of B2B services who has no prior knowledge about your company or specific product. Now, look at your new landing page with fresh eyes. Does it answer these 4 important questions:

  • What is the product/offer? – Always be absolutely clear about what it is you are offering your users, whether it is a free e-book, a whitepaper or a free trial. This should be obvious from reading the first headline and be referenced throughout the page.
  • Is this for me? – Call out the target group so when a B2B professional gets to your landing page, it is clear from the very beginning whether this product/offer is or isn’t meant for them.

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  • What’s in it for me? – Or in other words, “What problem does this solve for me?”. This is the benefit your product/offer brings to the user. It should be concisely described in the main and supporting headline and elaborated on further down the landing page. Remember, humans are naturally self-interested and when it comes to actions like purchasing, signing up for a trial, booking a demo or simply giving up their private information, they want to benefit from it as much as possible.
  • What are the next steps? – Imagine you are about to download an e-book and this brand wants you to fill in some info like your company e-mail address, company industry, the number of employees, etc. Do you want to do this? Is it going to be worth it? Is it clear exactly what is going to happen next? Make sure you are answering these questions with your call to action statements. Statements like this: “Your new free guide will be with you in less than a minute, just tell us where to send it.” or “Please, fill in your details so that you can start enjoying your free trial ASAP.”

How did your landing page get on? Did it past the test? Well, that’s not the end of the challenge. The best B2B landing pages should not only be able to answer these questions quickly, they should be able to answer them in some detail. Understandable in seconds, the page also needs to be comprehensive, with detailed information (perhaps further down the page) once you have secured the user’s attention. All these questions and any other potential barriers to conversion need to be addressed on your page. The user should not need to go anywhere else, everything they need to make the decision and progress should be on your page.

Your landing pages have a huge influence on your business overall and especially the ROI of your paid campaigns. They are the ‘front-page’ of your offer to businesses and one of the most important conversion events in your sales funnel. Make sure that you give them the attention they deserve and get Bizmut’s expert help to design, build, and optimise your landing pages.

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