So you’ve built a new landing page for your B2B campaign. You’ve followed our advice about what elements to include on a great B2B landing page and you’ve asked your new page the 4 questions every B2B landing page should answer. You’re ready with your first draft. Now it’s time to make sure that you haven’t neglected the technical set up. Here are three things to check before you launch and start sending traffic to your new page.

  1. Tracking – Make sure you are tracking all conversions on your new page so that you can attribute these conversions to individual sources and campaigns. This is vital to successfully monitoring and optimising your campaigns.
  2. Disable Search Engine Indexing – Hide your landing page from search engines when the page is used explicitly for paid ads. Ideally, your paid campaigns will link to their own bespoke landing pages and it is good practice to hide these pages from the organic search results. Those coming to your site through organic search are in a different stage in the decision-making process and usually should be shown different content.
  3. Testing – After publishing the page, take one more round of making sure every click, submission, pop-up window or smooth-scroll works just the way it should. Submit a few test submissions and check everything. Does the CTA button at the end of the page take you right up to the form? Does the pop-up window actually pop up? Etc.

Do you need help with creating optimized landing pages for your products or services? Let us know! We’ll be happy to help.

Remember that quality checking is never something you should do alone. Always involve a larger group of colleagues in the process and ideally get the assistance of people who have not been involved in the development of the project thus far. Get a fresh pair of eyes on your page and make sure it makes sense for them and it is functioning well across all the main devices and browsers.

Your landing pages have a huge influence on your business overall and especially the ROI of your paid campaigns. They are the ‘front-page’ of your offer to businesses and one of the most important conversion events in your sales funnel. Make sure that you give them the attention they deserve and get BizMut’s expert help to design, build, and optimise your landing pages.